In The Retail Store: Our Retail Store is a busy place. We are always in need of people to sort donations, price hard goods, hang clothing and display all items in the store, and much more. If this interests you, we would love to have you!

In the Food Pantry:The Food Pantry is stocked through the generosity of the local churches and private individuals. Each day, emergency food is distributed to those in need. Volunteers can donate their afternoons (12 Noon to 3PM) to working in the pantry organizing shelves, stocking, and assisting clients. A time commitment is necessary.

The Seasonal Shoppe: Seasons change and so does our Seasonal Shoppe. For the months of October through December, Christmas is the theme. The shoppe is busy and and decorations sell quickly. After the first of the year, the shoppe returns to Vinny’s Vintage. There you will find dated items and even some treasured antiques. Decoration flare and an eye for detail would be key skills for someone who would like to volunteer here. A time commitment is necessary.

Recycling: In our Recycling Center, anything electronic is taken apart. Someone with good manual dexterity and patience might enjoy taking apart electronics to salvage anything of value inside. All parts are neatly saved to be taken to the Salvage Yard once enough is acquired.

Electrical: Any item that is donated is tested first before it is put out for sale. If you have the ability to test and/or fix electrical items, you would enjoy volunteering here.

Computer Instruction: If you are good at computers, you may be perfect for this one-on-one volunteer position. Lots of people don’t know how to use a computer and would love to learn how. If you think this is for you, consider volunteering. A time commitment is necessary.

Quilters/Handfuls of Mercy: Each Monday, people who love sewing, come to Samaritan’s Well to sew. In the mornings, Samaritan Quilters make lap quilts for children who are in hospitals. In the afternoons, Handfuls of Mercy sew cloth crosses to be distributed at the local nursing homes. Come and join the fellowship the sewers enjoy along with their craft.

In Emergency Services: The Uniontown Area Conference of St. Vincent De Paul provides direct aid to clients through the emergency service office. Volunteer interviewers daily see clients for emergency food assistance and clothing. People with compassion, computer skills and record keeping skills may want to think about volunteering as an interviewer after observing the process. A time commitment is necessary.

Food Recovery:Each morning a volunteer picks up food that is donated from local grocery stores and/or retail establishments. This job requires approximately 1 hour per morning. A volunteer would use his vehicle to pick up the items and then deliver them to St. Vincent De Paul. One day of the week would be the commitment necessary.