Position Title: Furniture Handler Assistant

Reports to: Furniture Store Coordinator, Director of Operations

Job Description: The Furniture Handler Assistant is responsible for supporting the day-to-day operations of receiving and processing donated merchandise including pick-up and delivery of furniture.

Duties: Daily

  1. Receive, process, and display donated furniture and other merchandise.
  2. Greet and thank furniture and other merchandise donors ensuring a pleasant donation experience.
  3. Relocate retail store merchandise into the appropriate sorting areas.
  4. Assist in packing merchandise for storage assuring boxes and bags are stacked properly
  5. Maintain emergency exits and fire extinguishers clear of furniture and other merchandise.
  6. Appropriately relocate recyclable, seasonal, and nonsalable merchandise.
  7. Dispose of cardboard boxes and furniture store trash.
  8. Maintain outside area of furniture store and trash dumpster free of debris.
  9. Cooperate with Furniture Store Coordinator and Furniture Handler.
  10. Wear uniform and appropriate safety equipment at all times.
  11. Any other duties as assigned.

Duties: Furniture Retrieval and Delivery

  1. Assist in maintaining truck in a clean and orderly manner.
  2. Assist in preparing for retrievals and deliveries, helping to loading and unloading of furniture.
  3. Assist in preparing furniture for sale.
  4. Assist in appropriately disposing of unsalable furniture.

Duties: As needed or requested by Furniture Store Coordinator

  1. Clean and maintain lunch area and restrooms of furniture store.
  2. Sweep selling floor and dust furniture.
  3. Shovel snow and salt all campus sidewalks and entrances.

Skills and Qualifications:

  1. Lift and carry bags, boxes, and furniture weighing up to and in excess of 100 pounds.
  2. Understanding of proper furniture lifting and moving techniques.
  3. Understanding of proper use of merchandise moving equipment.
  4. Understanding of proper use, disposal and storage of cleaning materials.
  5. Ability to be flexible and perform as an effective, positive team member reflective of the SVdP mission.

Time Requirement: 15 hours per week, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm unless otherwise approved by Director of Operations.

Applications: Call 724-439-9188, Extension 202 to schedule an interview and/or send message of interest with resume to director@svdpuniontown.org or mail to above address.

Salary Range: Competitive.

No additional benefits included.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Uniontown Conference is an Equal Opportunity Employer.