SVdP has temporarily suspended ALL operations INCLUDING Emergency Food Pantry and FCCAA Food Bank. If you have questions or concerns, please call 724-439-9188, extension 202 and leave a message.   Your call will be returned as soon as possible.  THANK YOU for your understanding and patience.

PHONE: 724-439-9188

FAX: 724-439-4908

Assistance Information and Utility Appointments, Lugene Novak    Ext. 205
Bookkeeping Office, Celeste Yaras –    Ext. 202
Director of Operations, Maria Fetock –    Ext. 207
Food Pantry Coordinator, Suzanne Chambliss –    Ext. 208
Furniture Store Coordinator, Roberta Sanders –

Hear Fayette, Cathy Zimmerman –

   Ext. 211

  Ext. 209

Volunteer Information, Sheryl Dennis –    Ext. 305