St Vincent de Paul Society

Serving Uniontown and Fayette County, Pennsylvania

The Religious Corner

A 2015 Gallup Poll of Church Attendance shows that In Pennsylvania 32% of people attend services weekly, 20% attend at least monthly, 47% seldom or never attend and 2% do not know.

The crowds asked Jesus, “What ought we to do?” In reply He said, “Let the man with two coats give to him who has none. The man who has food should do the same.” When one thinks of the St. Vincent De Paul stores, one usually sees it as the means through which this Bible directive is fulfilled by recycling donated clothing, furniture and food back into the community.

St. Vincent De Paul's desire is to meet the bodily needs of people, and their spirits as well. Religious items are available at the store in the form of statues, pictures, books and pamphlets. A free will offering for those items is accepted.

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The Religious Corner is an area of the St. Vincent de Paul Retail Store in Uniontown containing religious items such as rosaries, statues, pictures, and religious and spiritual books from various denominations. Since one out of two of the people who visit the St. Vincent De Paul Store are not attending any church The Religious Corner is an evangelical opportunity to spread an awareness of Christian faith to the community. Customers acquire items from The Religious Corner by donating whatever they can afford.

However spiritual help is not limited to The Religious Corner. The Store’s volunteers maintain a list on a marker board of people that are ill, need employment, etc. Each day that the Store is open, the Store’s volunteers pray for those whose names appear on the board.

If you would like the SVDP volunteers and staff to pray for your needs, please visit our Prayer Room in the ExoDUS Building where you can leave a prayer request and spend some time in quiet prayer with God.