St Vincent de Paul Society

Serving Uniontown and Fayette County, Pennsylvania


EXoDUS (Expansion of Direct Urgent Services) is a fulfillment of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul: Uniontown Area Conference's mission of "providing help and hope to those in need." For 25 years, since 1991, SVDP has provided emergency help to those in need. We have done that extremely well!

We would like to increase the hope part of our mission by changing people's personal situation to remove them from poverty and changing the community's systems that keep them in poverty. Hope comes from the Holy Spirit, enlivening us to be welcoming, joining in fellowship with those in need, spreading the message of Hope, and together, with those in need, seeking solutions. The EXoDUS Program is changing that.

Some of the services that Exodus supplies include: Personal Coaching, Budget Coaching, Job Search, Spiritual Coaching/Evangelization, Legal Advisement, Entrepreneurial Development and the Pantry and Beyond.

Here are some of the current projects of Exodus.