St Vincent de Paul Society

Serving Uniontown and Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Emergency Aid

Members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (or "Vincentians") are men and women who strive to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to individuals in need.

The government agencies and many social service agencies that are funded via the government are limited in the emergency aid that they can offer because of the criteria of the funding sources. For example, an agency might not be able to provide help to a family if they receive a few dollars over that agency's criteria. St. Vincent de Paul fills the gaps in services provided by those agencies and provides the assistance needed.

When our neighbors are in need, Vincentians provide emergency aid. This can consist of anything from the basics of food and clothing to preventing or restoring utility assistance. Some other forms of emergency aid are assistance with transportation for medical appointments and temporary shelter when the emergency shelters are filled and every form of aid in between.

The need is as infinite as the situations people find themselves. Vincentians say "No work of charity is foreign to the Society." If a person finds that he or she is in a dire situation, then call 724-439-9188 and determine how we can help.