St Vincent de Paul Society

Serving Uniontown and Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Mission and Vision Statements

Volunteers from churches started SVDP with the simple mission statement of "to provide help and hope to those in need."

From the simple flexibility of that statement which is always in front of us has grown the services that the SVDP provides today.

The building of the Retail Thrift Store in 2002 completed an eleven year vision that the Board and volunteers had. They realized that they did not want to stop with the completion of the Store. They needed a new vision to propel the organization into the future.

During the summer of 2004, the Board and volunteers envisioned a campus of SVDP assistance and developed the Vision Statement below that guides where we are going as an organization.

"The St. Vincent de Paul Center will reflect the Reign of God. The people on the campus will be active, approachable and filled with love, especially for the poor. The volunteers and the poor will serve one another through the services and programs offered. The campus will grow in reaching out to people of all ages and needs. The needy will in turn share their gifts with volunteers and strengthen the relationship of charity. Guided by the Holy Spirit, St. Vincent de Paul business diversification will be a web of sustainable businesses / services, circulating local resources to benefit the poor, with direct aid and / or employment"